Licensed with Alberta Transportation and recognized by insurance companies for rider discounts, this is our basic motorcycle rider safety course designed for the diversity of new riders with no experience, or experienced riders that want to refresh your skills. 

Regular registration fee is $629, follow the Register Now tabs to reserve your space!

During the New Rider Skills course:

Our experienced licensed instructors will maximize your learning experience

and assist you to safely get on the road by acquiring the fundamental skills for:


• Operating the motorcycle controls and clutch effectively

• Rider vision

• Slow speed control

• High speed control

• Shifting gears

• Signals and signalling

• Braking effectively

• Push steering (counter steering)

• Effective cornering techniques

• Collision avoidance techniques

• Group riding

• Class 6 License preparation

• Practice, practice, and more practice (FREE)

This course consists of 2 days or 3 evenings of detailed practical training, and an additional 4 hours of home study.

Motorcycles will be provided for you during class and your first road test (for students 18 or older with Class 5 license or greater).

The home study is downloadable material, and during training there will be small amounts of classroom.

Additional road ride is not automatically included nor part of the curriculum in the practical training for the New Rider Skills course.
Your safety comes first!


You’re ready…..

When you have completed our New Rider Skills course, you may reserve your time for a Class 6 road exam (the first motorcycle use is on us), 

ONLY available to Class 5 or greater license holders age 18 or older and your skill level must be approved by our instructors.

The examiners will meet you at our site to conduct your Class 6 road exam.

Booking information will be provided in your confirmation email and during the course.