Gear Requirements

gear-requirementsGear Requirements


The student gear requirements surpass the minimum standards required by Alberta law, for student safety. Students will need to bring or reserve appropriate gear, which includes:



          • Properly fitted DOT or better approved Helmet, in good condition.
          • Eye protection (helmet visor, eyeglasses, sunglasses, or safety glasses).
          • Motorcycle specific full fingered gloves or leather full fingered gloves that cover the wrist, NO dirt bike or cloth gloves.
          • Boots that cover the ankle, either motorcycle specific or most hiking boots (with a protective structure) are acceptable.  NOT accepted include winter boots, fashion boots, high heeled boots (above 1″), steel toed boots, and shoes or sneakers of any kind.
          • Durable jacket which may be specialized riding gear or thick zippered leather jacket. Anything with less protection quality will not be accepted on course.
          • Pants must be heavy durable denim jeans or better, without holes or tears, and without pocket jewels or likewise decoration, required. Anything with less protection quality will not be accepted on course.

                    Please select the items you need during on the registration form, or if things change call 7 days in advance to inform us if you will be requiring specific riding gear (we have Helmets, Jackets, and Gloves of the most common sizes XS-XXL available for use by our students), or have question regarding appropriate gear to use.